Christmas Shoeboxes for Marines in Afghanistan

We are preparing a large package made up of individual shoeboxes to be sent to our own Daniel Pilling’s marine unit in Afghanistan on Monday, November 26.

Items needed include: small paperback Bibles, paperback Christian books such as Pilgrim’s Progress, Slim Jim snacks (jerky), sunflower seeds, nuts, non-perishable snacks, hand warmer packs, Chap Stick, lotion, shaving cream, disposable razors, toothbrushes, deodorant, toothpaste, Q-tips, hard candy, personal cards/thank you’s to the servicemen, and any other small items that will fit in a shoebox.

Plastic shoebox size boxes are preferred.

Bring donations this Sunday and next, or deliver to the church (be sure to call ahead to see if someone is on site).

Questions, contact Bob Travelstead,, 407-767-0617.

A Practical View of Christianity

Pastor Procrastinator has finally made a decision. The ball has been called on the next book for our Oxford Club for men.

Starting March 10, 7 AM at the church office, we will begin to tackle the only book William Wilberforce, Britain’s 19th century champion of the movement to abolish the wickedness of the slave trade, ever wrote, A Practical View of Christianity.

Chuck Colson, in writing the preface to the Hendrikson Christian Classics version of the book (1996) called it:

. . . a direct challenge to the corrupted church of his day. But the book’s impact can scarcely be overstated. It became an instant bestseller, and remained one for the next fifty years . . . . A Practical View is credited with helping spark the second Great Awakening (the first was begun by Wesley) and its influence was felt throughout Europe and rippled across the ocean to America (p. xv).

Need I say more. Oh that it would please God to use this work to flame the fires of revival in our brotherhood!

I am pleased to say as well that we can access the text from a number of different directions.

For the ebook version click here.

For a pdf version click here.

For a google books version click here.

For a good, old fashion book version, and the text from which I will lead our discussions, click here. The cost through Amazon is only $10.25 plus shipping. If enough of you want this version and will tell me, I will make a bulk order and we can avoid the shipping altogether. Just shoot me an email at

A study guide for our first meeting will come along shortly. Please pray with me that God will us this book mightily in our lives!

Souper Bowl Sunday

No, that’s not a typo.

I meant the play on words with “souper.”

As you know this Sunday brings us to Super Bowl XLVI between the Patriots and Giants. Many plan to watch and enjoy with family and friends. The whole deal has turned into something of a national holiday.

For the last several years at OGC we have cooperated with the Christian Service Center of Orlando in conducting a canned food, non-perishable item food drive to help stock their pantry for feeding the hungry in Orange County.

We want to continue that tradition this year but with a twist.

Given the fact that our friends at the SDA have started this year operating a soup kitchen for feeding the hungry every Sunday afternoon, we have decided to donate this year’s offerings from our church to them. We want to say thank you for their hospitality in renting to us over the years. Furthermore we feel this represents a legitimate way for us to partner with them in mercy ministry in our very own neighborhood.

All that to say, as I announced yesterday, please bring to church with you this Sunday, February 5, your gift of such items for the cause. But here’s the thing! Please don’t bring any meat products. The Adventists, in line with their convictions, will only accept vegetarian, non-meat items. The list they gave us includes things like beans, rice, pastas, cereal, oil, pancake mix, etc. You get the idea.

We will designate a spot at the SDA this Sunday for you to put your items as you bring them with you. Just look for the sign.

And thanks for being a church that puts Titus 3:14 into practice!