Another Servant of God in a Fight with Cancer

I learned recently that Pastor Matt Chandler of the The Village Church was diagnosed with a tumor in his right frontal lobe. He collapsed with a seizure on Thanksgiving. Since then he underwent an operation to remove the tumor. Things have spread. Further treatment options are under consideration.

Pray for Pastor Matt and his family, OGC. You understand better than most. Take a moment and watch the little over four minute video by Matt here. So much of what he says was exactly where God had me in ’05 in my battle with head and neck cancer.

I wish him, his family, and his church well. If God is pleased to bring him back, he will come back with greater force.

Matt, my heart goes out to you. I’m in your corner. Fight the good fight. Dying is gain but for the sake of others it may be best to remain.

Freeloader Friday

Today is this pastor’s high holy day off. I used to do Mondays. But I got into too much trouble brooding over the Sunday before. Fridays work out a whole lot better for me and my bride.

I still want to post however, but not have to work at it.

So I think I will start a Friday tradition of freeloading off of others’ work and commend it to you instead of composing my own stuff.

Pastor Kevin DeYoung has a provocative post on the Gospel Coalition Blog entitled Be Careful How You Pray.

In it he quotes Puritan Jeremiah Burroughs. Here is a sample from the post, one of two comments from Burroughs:

There are many things which you desire as your lives, and think that you would be happy if you had them, yet when they come you do not find such happiness in then, but they prove to be the greatest crosses and afflictions that you ever had, and on this ground, because your hearts were immoderately set upon them before you had them.

You can read the rest of the post here. It’s not long and definitely worth your time.