The Encore Message of the Missionary Messiah (Part One)

Yesterday’s message from John 12:44-50 is now on line. You can listen to the audio here.

Here is how I summarized the passage:

Jesus makes a predominantly positive message here. He promotes the forever benefits of faith in Him as the Messiah. To believe in Him is to know the Father. To believe in Him is to enter His light and escape the darkness. But implicit with the positive comes the negative, the flipside of the coin. Not to believe in Him is not to know the Father. And not to believe in Him, to reject Him, means not to enter the light but remain in the domain of darkness. That leads to our third forever consequence of belief in Jesus as the Messiah. But it – deliverance from the judgment, along with the fourth – observance of the commandment, will have to wait until next time.

Praise God for the baptisms that God gave us as real-life examples of not remaining in darkness but walking in the light of Christ!