Just Heeding the Exhortation . . . Again


I resisted blogging for a long time. Too much to do. Not worth the effort. Why bother? Then a deacon at OGC, long since relocated to another part of the country, did a Luke 18:1-8 number on me. He wore me down over time. I relented. I started a blog called “Late Bloomer Reformed.” Long story behind the title. I never regretted listening to John’s voice on this. After 500 plus posts I have seen the Lord work through blogging especially among the precious people I have the privilege to help shepherd.

Orlando Grace eventually upgraded its website. The blog made up an important feature of the homepage. I abandoned by blogspot personal blog and went “all in” on our church website. There I have camped out for years.

Now I’ve got a new provocateur in my life. He loves me and has a wonderful plan for my life. Last Thursday on our way back from our monthly gospel cohort meeting he asked me if I have a desire to write. “Absolutely,” I said.

He then proceeded to tell me in the concise and persuasive method I am coming very much to appreciate what I needed to do.

Get my own domain name. Check – curtheffelfinger.com.

Start blogging regularly on my own site and cross post to the church’s site and Facebook. This begins now.

Build up several years of writing reflectively about the things that matter to me in gospel living and ministry. How long might that be? Lord only knows.

Write and publish, Lord willing, in the future. I’d love to write a book entitled “The Peacemaking Church” someday, all things considered.

Very ambitious. Not sure about all of this. But I do now that God uses writing. More than one book has changed my life along the way for the better. I would like to make some contribution of a written kind before I check out of this world and go home to the next. Writing an article for Tabletalk Magazine got me hooked. I desire to do more, again, only if it pleases Him.

The first exhortation about blogging bore fruit. I wonder what will come from the latest. Let the journey continue. Thanks, Mike. This post I dedicate to you, my friend.

Men's Retreat


Have you marked your calendars yet?

Be sure to set aside Friday and Saturday, November 19 and 20, for our annual men’s retreat at Lake Yale Baptist Conference Center in Leesburg, FL.

We will be joining with our brothers at Faith Baptist Church for an exciting time in fellowship and in God’s Word.

This year’s theme is In Praise of Lesser Known Saints: Making a Difference Though You’re No Household Name.

More details will be coming shortly.