The Need for “Frontline” Prayer

That’s what one writer calls concerted prayer for the cause of the revival of true religion among God’s people. It normally includes intercession for three things to see God move by His Spirit across a church and/or region:

  1. For grace to confess sins and humble ourselves.
  2. For a compassion and zeal for the flourishing of the church and reaching of the lost.
  3. For a yearning to know God, to glimpse His face, and see His glory.

For these things and more we will pray this Sunday evening in our monthly concert of prayer from 6 to 7:30 PM in the conference room at the church. Dear ones, these precious realities will not likely come our way unless we earnestly ask, seek, and knock at the throne of grace for God to bring them.

My challenge in 2013 is that we zero in on praying for these precise things in our private prayer times and our corporate ones. Also, may I ask that each of our households make it a goal that someone from the family would attend at least one of our monthly concerts of prayer?

There is power when God’s people come together to pray!

A Practical View of Christianity

Pastor Procrastinator has finally made a decision. The ball has been called on the next book for our Oxford Club for men.

Starting March 10, 7 AM at the church office, we will begin to tackle the only book William Wilberforce, Britain’s 19th century champion of the movement to abolish the wickedness of the slave trade, ever wrote, A Practical View of Christianity.

Chuck Colson, in writing the preface to the Hendrikson Christian Classics version of the book (1996) called it:

. . . a direct challenge to the corrupted church of his day. But the book’s impact can scarcely be overstated. It became an instant bestseller, and remained one for the next fifty years . . . . A Practical View is credited with helping spark the second Great Awakening (the first was begun by Wesley) and its influence was felt throughout Europe and rippled across the ocean to America (p. xv).

Need I say more. Oh that it would please God to use this work to flame the fires of revival in our brotherhood!

I am pleased to say as well that we can access the text from a number of different directions.

For the ebook version click here.

For a pdf version click here.

For a google books version click here.

For a good, old fashion book version, and the text from which I will lead our discussions, click here. The cost through Amazon is only $10.25 plus shipping. If enough of you want this version and will tell me, I will make a bulk order and we can avoid the shipping altogether. Just shoot me an email at

A study guide for our first meeting will come along shortly. Please pray with me that God will us this book mightily in our lives!