Why Late Bloomer Reformed?

Because I am. A late bloomer that is. In more ways than one. But perhaps especially in terms of my theology coming to roost on the label reformed.

I’ve been a follower of Jesus since December 14, 1972. But until the genesis of my journey toward biblical Calvinism (there, I said it) in 1995 at Reformed Theological Seminary, Orlando, working on my D. Min. I could only “boast” being a 3.5 point version thereof.

Then a prof in a class on church administration said “You need to read this book. It has nothing to do with my class. But you need to read this book.” It was John Piper’s signature work, Desiring God. Yikes. What a mind, heart, will-blower that read was.

I almost got it, but not quite. God had to take me out to the wilderness for a season (fodder for another post in the future, maybe) to get my attention more fully. But He got it. And I have never been more certain of my orientation in thirty years. This is my pond. I fish here. It may not be a very huge pond, given the landscape of modern evangelicalism, but I will happily keep my pole dangling in these waters the rest of my days, Lord willing.

It has been my joy and terror to pastor a reformed fellowship with decidedly baptistic leanings (Orlando Grace Church) for six years now. Who would have thunk it? I’m home. Thanks be to God. I can hardly believe it. Why did it take so long to come to roost? Why so many circuitous wanderings? Why am I so slow? I am soon to be 57 and playing catch up theologically, pastorally, philosophically, and every other “ly” ad nauseum.

So why blog? To be honest, I have resisted the lure. More on that later. Dinner is ready. A man must have his priorities.

10 responses

  1. Welcome to letting your good pen flow freely, PC!
    Your impact and influence is going to increase beyond your wildest dreams, GOD willing.
    And I hear that your next step is writing a book on prayer…

  2. Don't think I've ever had a “heavenly Yippee” before. Tack on one “so excited' too and I'm good for another hundred posts. Thanks for your encouragements dear sisters. You make me want to be a better pastor.

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