Rap & Limited Atonement

Actually, I prefer the term particular redemption to describe the efficacious work of Christ on the cross whose actual design was indeed to save those whom the Father elects to eternal life.

Can rap music serve as a means of grace to teach this truth? Indeed it can! Imagine that? Now I like two rap tunes. Never in a thousand years would I have imagined it could be so. I HATE rap, at least the worldly version. But this stuff, man, it’s blowing my 56 year old pastoral mind.

My thanks for deacon extraordinaire JG for calling this to my attention.


3 responses

  1. haha… the truth is, PC, you'd pretty much like everything Shai Linne turns out. I am very much in the same boat with regard to how unredemptive a lot of popular rap/r&b is, but this artist completely changed my mind and I have more respect now for how lyrically genius this stuff can be.

  2. Well, hello there, young man. Welcome to the LBR blog. I'll shall have to explore this genre and artist more fully. And thanks for being a prime prayer and mover in my journey toward all things blogging. I love you, sir!

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