Since When Did OGC Go Dispensational?

Never. We’ve always been covenantal in our theology. We probably have some folks in our church who subscribe to dispensationalism, but we adhere to a covenant grid in our teaching.

My point on Sunday in referencing a conversation I had before the service with a new person who assumed we were dispensational (whom I gently corrected) was that we subscribe to an historic confession, the Second London Baptist Confession of Faith (1689), that clearly communicates where we stand on such issues.

Chapter seven of that document is God’s Covenant. Paragraph three states this:

God’s covenant is revealed in the gospel; in the first place to Adam in the promise of salvation by ‘the seed of the woman’, and afterwards, step by step, until the full revelation of salvation was completed in the New Testament. The salvation of the elect is based upon a covenant of redemption that was transacted in eternity between the Father and the Son; and it is solely through the grace conveyed by this covenant that all the descendants of fallen Adam who have been saved have obtained life and a blessed immortality; for the terms of blessing which applied to Adam in his state of innocency have no application to his posterity to render them acceptable to God.

Discussions related to dispensational vs. covenant theology often spill over into matters of eschatology. We have people who fall into all the main camps citing various biblical proofs. Our confession in its statement on the doctrine of last things gives a wide berth to all those views, sticking with the main issues all orthodox Christians agree upon and goes no further. I, for one, like that about the 1689. I also am covenantal in my theology and so is OGC.

Sorry for the confusion. Times like this I think about applying at Walmart for a greeter position. JK.

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