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  1. Mercy…
    I've avoided watching this clip, for fear that it would be frivolous and disappointing.

    So anyway, I don't think I've seen something so sweet, thrilling and liberating. I can hardly stop crying. Thanks, YouTube, for hitting the mark once in a very great while.

  2. PC! I love this video! We showed it to the Edgers this week at Debrief just for fun. 🙂 It makes me feel more confident considering the LACK of dancing skills I have. ha!

  3. Sacrilegious? Perhaps. Motives of the heart would make the difference, I think. David danced before the Lord in his joy (2 Sam. 6:14-19). Four times the text says “it was before the Lord.” Michal's plight in the end should give us all pause.

  4. I say sacrilegious because:
    1.) The song is a club song. Christ is the furthest thing from the minds of most clubbers.
    2.) I have no problem with dancing before the Lord to praise Him, however I can't see that actually being accomplished to a club song where the 3 entities mentioned are her, him and the dancefloor.
    3.) The song is man-centered. How she makes him feel and the “ecstasy” they will experience together, starting on the dancefloor apparently going all night long. I guess they could be married already….
    4.) Given the above 3, is it possible to have a right heart and dance before the Lord in praise in this scenario? If so, I can't grasp it.
    5.) Should a wedding be a joyous occasion? Absolutely! However it is hard to remember the covenant with the Lord being made forever when one is shaking their groove thang down the aisle of holy matrimony. Even if it's in a church.
    6.) The symbolism in marriage, Christ and His bride, is completely lost. Synthesized voices will do that…
    7.) A female “pastor” is unbiblical. To be fair I'm not positive that the person officiating a wedding must be a pastor but I've always thought that to be the case. I could be wrong.
    8.) Club music in a church.

    I'm certainly not *trying* to be a curmudgeon but marriage is a holy covenant. When G-d struck the covenant with Abram I just can't see him turning on a club song and dancing before G-d and Him snapping His fingers to the beat.

    We will party in heaven but there will be no semblance of secular foolishness in the song we sing to the King of kings and Lord of lords. He is holy, holy, holy and I am a man of unclean lips (hence the name!).

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