Sin, Addiction, & Biblical Arithmetic

I continue to read through for the second time Ed Welch’s book, Addictions: A Banquet in the Grave. It is subtitled, Finding Hope in the Power of the Gospel.

He offers this helpful counsel about dealing with sin and its potential to enslave to bondage:

Remember that the diagnosis of sin is never the last word. Instead, the last word is Jesus Christ. Sin should take us right to Jesus. The way out of addictions is to talk more about Jesus, the Redeemer and Liberator, than about sin. . . . The biblical arithmetic is this: for every one look at your sin, take ten looks at Christ. Doctrine must not only be practical, it must also naturally point us to Jesus Christ.

Let us preach the gospel to ourselves everyday, from the moment our feet touch the floor in the morning to the point at which we slip back into our beds at night.

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