Faith & Food & Following Jesus

Dr. Al Mohler has an intriguing post on his blog about cooking in light of the new movie released today about Julia Childs. I felt particularly interested to read it in light of where we are in the gospel of John right now, namely the bread of life discourse in chapter six.

Here is a sample of what Dr. Mohler writes.

Christianity contributes a distinctive understanding of the importance of food and, by extension, the importance of cooking and hospitality. We understand that human beings are made to require food for sustenance. Our need for food is a reminder of our finitude. The food in our fields and all in our tables is a reminder of God’s loving provision for us. The Bible dignifies the loving preparation of food as one of the distinctive gifts of women. While cooking is not limited to women, throughout human history wives and mothers, sisters and daughters, have shown their love for and commitment to their loved ones through the careful preparation and celebration of food. When this is lost, something more than culinary knowledge is lost.

You can check it out here.

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  1. As a man that loves cooking for others (when it's good) I can agree, something will be lost. In preparing food for someone you are meeting a sincere need but the hope is that it is a joy to be so weak!
    Praise the Lord for such a variety of food! I'm especially thankful for hot peppers and Tobasco sauce!

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