What It’s Like to Live with a Wellness Consultant

Bless her heart, Nancy, my bride, cares about health with a passion. I sat down to dinner with her on Saturday night to this lovely dish. I had to take a picture. As I uploaded it today, I got to thinking about just how much she cares for me in the way she looks after the food I eat.

Let me count the ways. That’s ground venison in the sauce. We know just where that animal had been. Free range, no hormones, lean, delicious meat. That’s spaghetti squash. I know it looks like pasta, but it’s not. It’s a vegetable. Got to admit, I miss pasta. By the way, aren’t you glad Jesus didn’t say, I am the vegetable of life? I am. Anyway, we don’t use pasta as a rule with meat because the protein and carbs don’t combine well and make it difficult on the system to digest. Add that to your Did you know? list of things.

Let’s see, what else? Basil garnish, from Nancy’s herb garden. Spring water from Zephyr Hills. Of course, my seemingly endless supplements. Anybody who has been to lunch or breakfast or dinner with me knows about that. Oh, yes, and then the plastic ware. Metal is TOXIC to the body, you know.

So welcome to my culinary world. If you are what you eat, then I’ve got a leg up on the competition. Thanks, babe, for keeping me alive, Lord willing, for as long as possible so we can serve the King as much as possible with good health and well souls (3 John 2).

5 responses

  1. Right you are, my young friend. My queen of all things nutritional says the green stuff is actually called Lexan and is not plastic so we need not worry about toxicity there either. Good catch!

  2. I was going to mention plastic being toxic too! Bryan beat me to it. Good job Bryan!
    I know Nancy is a good part of why we have such a wonderful undershepherd. I need to thank her…

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