Upon My First Believing

Oh, church, read and feast upon Christ through the work of Puritans like Thomas Brooks!

O blessed Lord! Upon my first believing and closing with Jesus Christ, Thou didst justify me in the court of glory from all my sins, both as to guilt and punishment. Upon my first act of believing, Thou didst pardon all my sins; Thou didst forgive all my iniquities; Thou didst blot out all my transgressions; and as upon my first believing Thou didst give me the remission of all my sins, so upon my first believing thou didst free me from a state of condemnation and interest me in thy great salvation. Upon my first believing, I was united to Jesus Christ and I was clothed with the righteousness of Christ, which covered all my sins and discharged me from all my transgressions. Remember, O Lord, that at the very moment of my dissolution Thou didst really, perfectly, universally, and finally forgive all my sins.

No wonder all heaven ceases its activity and rejoices at the salvation of even one sinner (Luke 15:10). Thanks be to God for His indescribable gift!

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