Bless You Cancer (10)

Four years ago today I endured a four day, 24/7 continuous infusion of a chemotherapy drug called 5FU. You can read about this nasty little devil here.

This from 8.19 through 8.21.05 in my journal from that year.

It was a long day yesterday. A lot of lying around. I got up for one walk. Came back and threw up. Vomited a total of three times yesterday. The 5FU is definitely getting to me. So grateful I am not doing radiation. It’s a week today since they burned my tongue. it’s feeling somewhat better but is still sore. Yawning is quite painful and mucous is still a problem, but not as bad. The doc thought I looked ten times better on this round. He was very upbeat.

I am weary of this journey. So much mucous. More vomiting and nausea. These last four days seem like an eternity. Oh to keep the perspective that we are trying to save my life. It’s a brutal path. I was weak and tired much of the day yesterday. I slept a lot. Man, it has been a long haul. Lord give me mercy to persevere. Seems like my secretions have gotten worse, thanks to the extended chemo. Taste is all weird again. I can’t wait to get to the other side.

The last day. They hung the final bag of 5Fu last night. I should be finished and free to go home some time tonight. What a relief. It has been miserable. Mucous, mouth pain, nausea, vomiting, sore face. This stuff is so toxic. I just pray it is doing its job and killing any cancer left in my body. I long for relief. Jesus have mercy.

Often times I felt so sick I could only summon one prayer.

Lord, have mercy on me, a sinner.

It was enough.

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  1. I may not comment on each and every one of your 'Bless You Cancer' blogs, but I read them all. Thank you for being candid with us, so that when we face the same ordeal we will hang on to faith when the Titanic of our lives sinks. Thank you!

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