Why This Means & Method of Death?

I preached on John 6:35 today. I am the bread of life. We had communion following the preaching of the Word and rightly so, particularly on this occasion.

This morning in my sacred romance with Jesus I read this on why the cross by A. W. Pink regarding Christ’s Penal Work:

As to why this means and method of death was selected by God out of all others possible–poisoning, stoning, beheading, etc.–Genesis 3 supplies the answer: “As the fatal sin which diffused the curse of the human race was connected with the forbidden ‘tree,’ God wisely ordered that the last Adam should expiate sin by being suspended on a tree; and He appointed in the Law (Deu 21:22-23) such a symbol of the curse as reminded all men of the origin of the Divine curse on the world. He would not have the curse removed in any other way.” Among the Romans, death by crucifixion was the the deepest possible humiliation. It was the most degrading of punishments, inflicted only on slaves and the lowest of the people. If freemen were at any time subjected to crucifixion for great crimes, such as robbery, high treason, or sedition, the sentence could not be executed until they were put into the catalogue of slaves, and that by the utmost humiliation. Their liberty was taken from them by servile stripes and scourging as it was done to Christ. Thus, the curse of God’s Law was executed upon the Head and Substitute of His people. To “preach Christ crucified” (1 Co 1:23) is to proclaim and expound His being “made a curse for us.”

I wanted to read this before the Table today, but ran out of time. I never made the “tree” connection before. It made me sing When I Survey the Wondrous Cross with a deeper layer of insight, devotion, and wonder than ever before.

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