Bless You Cancer (13)

I was reminded in my journal from 8.24.05 of a source of comfort during the worst week in my treatment process.

I continue to get numerous cards. My mother has taken it upon herself to recruit friends and family to bombard me. Many encouraging emails too. Praise God for that. I do so long for the day when my life is returned to me. Having it held captive by cancer treatment is terrible. Lord, grant me strength to persevere. Again, I pray, send relief from these discomforts.

Never underestimate the power of a written note to encourage someone who suffers. Is there someone you could bless with comfort Hallmark style today?

2 responses

  1. This Friday will be one year cancer free for me. Each card and e-mail and guest entry on my blog was such a gift to me during my valley of treatment. If you don't know what to say, find a verse and turn it into a prayer, and send that.

    There are also cards available on-line specifically for cancer patients. I like mine (imagine that!) at and the ones by Marilyn Shoemaker at

    Cancer is big and bad and awful, but
    God is bigger and better and God is awesome
    He is there in the middle of cancer,
    and He is not afraid.

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