A Call to Spiritual Reformation

Here is the study guide for this Sunday’s 9:30 equipping hour.

A Call to Spiritual Reformation – Study Guide #4
Chapter Three – Worthy Petitions

  1. What again are the two aspects of Paul’s framework for prayer in 2 Thessalonians 1 from chapter two?
  2. What is the first petition that Paul prays for the Thessalonian Christians? What explanation does Carson give about God’s calling in a Christian’s life and how does it tie into his prayer on their behalf?
  3. In light of this petition of Paul, what does Carson say should be our chief concern in petition and how does it relate to the framework Paul lays out earlier in the chapter? Why must we pray this way?
  4. How do you react to Carson’s question, When was the last time you prayed for such things?
  5. What is the second petition Paul prays for them? Why does Carson say this petition is so very important to pray?
  6. What is the two-part goal of Paul in these prayers? How is our glory tied up with Christ’s glory and what does this say about how we should pray for ourselves and others? How does Paul tie this idea back to his framework in 1:5-10?
  7. Again, how do you react to Carson’s question, When was the last time you prayed for such things?
  8. What reminder do we regularly need as evidenced by the ground of Paul’s prayer in conclusion?
  9. What does Carson mean by, It is vitally important to reflect on the extraordinarily wholistic thinking that is represented by this prayer (p. 61)?
  10. What one or two take aways from this chapter will shape your praying in the future?

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