A Call To Reformation Study Guide

Here is the study guide for this Sunday morning’s 9:30 hour:

  1. What basic question regarding sermons, programs, and leaders must never be displaced according to Carson on p. 64?
  2. What anticipated objection to this principle does he seek to answer in light of the two great commandments? What two opposing dangers does he expose? How does 1 John 4:19-21 speak to the second of these dangers?
  3. What additional objection does Carson anticipate on p. 66 and how does he answer it in light of his overall purpose in writing this book? What flawed school of thought related to prayer does he seek to expose in his argument? How do Paul’s prayers demonstrate the opposite?
  4. At some point during your week, take time to read through slowly and reflectively the various prayers of Paul recorded by Carson on pp. 67-74. How does the Lord use this exercise in your spiritual life? With what observations, convictions, impressions about prayer and your personal prayer experience do you come away from the exercise?
  5. What conclusion of profound importance will we never overlook if we follow Paul’s example in prayer according to Carson at the bottom of p. 74 and top of p. 75?
  6. What is the first of two corollaries that Carson brings to bear on the theme of this chapter on p. 75? How does it relate to his overall purpose in the book?
  7. What is the second corollary the author addresses on pp. 75ff? What notorious example of this principle does Carson address on p. 76?
  8. How do you react to the story about the abused woman and her journey toward forgiveness, particularly the statement, This forgiveness had to be total and unqualified . . . regardless of whether he responded in repentance or in wretched self-justification and anger? How might Luke 17:1-4 further speak to this question? Luke 23:34? For more help, see Ken Sande’s chapter on forgiveness in The Peacemaker.
  9. When you examine your own heart with respect to unconfessed sin, nurtured sin, what things does the Lord reveal within that you need to bring to the grace of Christ at the cross? Where might you need to practice some biblical peacemaking as a consequence?

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