Call to Spiritual Reformation Study Guide

In case you didn’t get a copy this past Sunday, here is the study guide for this week’s discussion in the 9:30 equipping hour.

A Call to Spiritual Reformation – Study Guide #7
Chapter Six – The Content of a Challenging Prayer
(Colossians 1:9-14)

  1. What two foci does Carson say exist for a study of the Scriptures with a view to strengthening one’s prayer life?
  2. What question does the author raise about our praying in comparison with the kind of petitions Paul prayed throughout the Scriptures? How do you react to this?
  3. What is the first area of lessons provided by studying the prayer of Paul under consideration in this chapter?
  4. How does Carson challenge us to respond in evaluating our own prayer lives given the extensive nature of Paul’s prayers? What resources might you employ to help you grow in this area?
  5. What does it mean that Paul had “not stopped praying” for the Colossians? Where have you stopped praying for a regular, ongoing need, for which you need to resume praying on a consistent basis?
  6. What important link does Carson reemphasize in v. 9 of this prayer about the way Paul prays and what extremely important conclusion does he draw in this chapter? How does he make application to our lives? Where do you possibly relate in terms of your own experience?
  7. What is the second area of lessons provided by studying the prayer of Paul under consideration in this chapter?
  8. How does Carson qualify and unpack the one petition found in this prayer of Paul? How does he tie this in to the cultural and historical context affecting his readers and where does he make application to our own generation? Do you agree or disagree and why?
  9. What does it mean to live a life worthy of the Lord according to this petition? How does Carson’s explanation of this in terms of a shame-based culture help drive home the significance of this purpose to the petition?
  10. What are the four characteristics of a God-pleasing life? Which of these convicts you most and why?
  11. What are one or two ways this chapter will affect your prayer life in the future?

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