A Call to Spiritual Reformation Study Guide

Here is the study guide for chapter 8 for this Sunday’s 9:30 equipping hour!

  1. Whom have you known personally who you would describe as distinguished by a particularly gifted ministry of prayer? What made it so?
  2. What is one of the most important steps we can take according to Carson in terms of our own prayer experience?
  3. Why does Carson think Paul’s prayer in Phil. 1:9-11 has so much potential to help us?
  4. What is the first of three steps in Paul’s prayer? What are the distinguishing things related to this step for which Paul prays? How does the virtue of love tie in here? How does Carson tie in Phil. 1:6 and 3:10-11 to make his point? How does Carson use specific examples to get after his meaning and where do you need to make application?
  5. How does Carson make application of this first step to members of the clergy in particular? Where does this give you insight into the challenges of your pastors?
  6. What is the second of the three steps in Paul’s prayer? How does Carson explain two expressions in this part of the prayer? What conclusion about Paul’s praying on p. 136-137 does Carson make and how do your own prayers match up to what he calls this most urgent need in the Western church?
  7. What is the third of the three steps in Paul’s prayer? How does he caution us about our pursuit of the excellent? How do you react to the statement, God is not interested in one hundred percentism? Where does Paul take such care in the end of the prayer to guard against the risk under consideration? What practical test does Carson apply to help figure this out in our own lives?
  8. With God’s help how might your prayer life change in light of this chapter in Carson’s book?

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