A Call to Spiritual Reformation Study Guide

Apparently it pays to have the elders anoint you with oil and pray when you are sick. May well have broken through today with this latest bout with the plague. Thanks for all your prayers.

Here is the study guide for this Sunday’s 9:30 equipping hour. It was not available in hard copy form last Sunday.

Chapter Eleven – Praying for Power

  1. Carson opens the chapter with a question. How did you learn to pray? What was your experience in this regard and what point is he trying to make on p. 182?
  2. How does Carson reassert the theme of the book in the opening pages of the chapter? How has engaging in this study changed your approach to prayer?
  3. What are the two central petitions of Ephesians 3:14-21?
  4. How is the first petition “carefully circumscribed?” What does 2 Cor. 4:16-18 contribute to your understanding of Paul’s meaning in the first petition?
  5. What two important questions must we ask about Paul’s first petition? What analogy does Carson use to help explain the first question? How does he tie in Col. 3:5-17? What does of Phil. 4:19 contribute to your understanding Paul’s meaning in the second question?
  6. What does Paul assume with respect to the second central petition (p. 191)? What overreaction does Carson attempt to correct? How do “love” and “power” connect in Paul’s prayer at this point (p. 193)?
  7. When has the love of God in Christ been brought home to your heart with force?
  8. Why does Paul say it is important to know the love that surpasses knowledge (p. 195)? What “stunning implication” does Carson bring out? How does Carson work against “Lone Ranger Christianity” in light of Paul’s petition (p. 198)?
  9. What two grounds does Carson cite for Paul’s petitions (p. 199)? How does he tie in the earlier chapters of Ephesians to his argument? How does he tie in Jesus’ teaching (p. 201)? How does he seek to motivate us at the bottom of p. 201?
  10. How does Paul put his petitions into perspective (p. 202)? Where do you find inspiration to reform your prayer life from these closing thoughts?

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