Fuel for the Fire of Faithful Ministry

My text for this morning’s message was 1 Cor. 15:58.

I summarized the sermon this way:

The victorious reality of our future resurrection compels an unshakable constancy in the work of ministry. Such steadfast immovability will manifest itself in work – amiable work, abounding work, arduous work, and assured work.

Here is the Thomas Manton quote concerning Titus 2:14 I found so provocative:

Christ died to improve piety, not to lessen it, but to raise it to the highest, to make us zealous of good works that we might be carried on to heaven with full sails. . . . True grace is a fire that warms and inflames our affections. Christ came to make us more cheerful and lively, but not slack, careless, and cold . . . A cold Christian will have but cold comfort. For whom did Christ die? For those that are zealous of good works . . . It is not cold prayers, yawning devotions, and drowsy wishes when men are half-asleep that will serve in this case. Heaven is gotten by force and surprised by onset and storm (attack and violent assault).

You can listen to the entire message here.

May the Lord grant that those of us for whom Christ died may be carried on to heaven with full sails, zealous for good works!

4 responses

  1. Thanks, as always, for well-prepared full-throttle preaching. I fully expect preaching of that sort to elicit argumentative e-mails. Good to know that Jillian will handle them.

  2. Thanks, man, for the encouragement. Loved the music yesterday but four drummers was not nearly enough. As for Jillian, she needs a back up. You interested?

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