Speak, O Lord

We sang this tune by Getty and Townend today in one of our worship sessions at T4G.

I wrote in my notebook these words: BUILDING FUND CAPITAL CAMPAIGN THEME SONG.

Later in the afternoon I emailed Greg and asked him to help me make it happen. My desire is that we would sing this as a congregation each of the five weeks of the campaign.

Check it out. It expresses everything in our hearts as leaders about how and why we hope God will work in the five weeks beginning April 25.

6 responses

  1. I love this song! We were first introduced to it in 2007 in Louisville. My sister and Josh had it sung at their wedding, too. What great biblical truths they seem to fit into these verses! Can’t wait to sing it at OGC.

  2. I love the Getty’s accents!! Oh they have very nice music too..but the ACCENTS!!

    This is a great song on my one and only Getty’s CD. “O Church Arise” is the reason I bought it…Greg…*cough*…yes “O Church Arise” is a great song…for singing in Reformed Baptists churches…ahem

    On a serious note (pardon the musical pun) “test our thoughts and our attitudes in the radiance of your purity” is a frightening thing to ask considering my Jer 17:9 heart.

  3. Oh to preach with such an accent, but alas the Lord made me as I am. Frightening is the right word but the exhortation is much in line with the Haggai 1 call to consider our ways. Love you, man!

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