My New Nickname

My niece and her family attended OGC this AM. Sweet. They’re looking for a budget place to rent in central Florida. If you have a lead, please let me know.

Elise informed me that she dubbed me with a nickname. Something to do with warrior cats or some such that she is into. Never heard of it. She wanted me to guess. I didn’t have a clue. She said, It has something to do with you being a pastor. Still no clue. I gave up.

It’s Wild Breath. Really? I suppose that fits, in more ways than one, especially after this morning’s sermon in 2 Tim. 3:14-4:5. You can listen to the message in its entirety here.

Preaching warrants a certain wildness to it, I suppose. I kind of like it.

We heard a testimony from another wild breath type preacher this morning in the person of Pastor Matt Chandler of the Village Church in Dallas, Texas.

Here is the video of his entire presentation at T4G last week.

Pray for him. Pray for me. Pray for all of us who dare step into a pulpit to exposit the sacred writings before a holy God and His Son, the coming Christ.

As for the new nickname, I’m still kind of partial to PCBO – beloved ox. But I suppose it’s not bad to have two nicknames. PCWB it is as well. Thus saith Elise.

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