Piper/Warren & the Coming of the Antichrist

Rarely without a provocative opinion and always prepared to dis pessimistic eschatologies in favor of his postmill view,  Pastor Doug Wilson (my pastor for a season during our stay in Moscow, Idaho long ago) offers his take on the Piper/Warren controversy.

Check it out. He has some good stuff to say.

Rick Warren and Desiring God 2010 (Part III) from Canon Wired on Vimeo.

7 responses

  1. He’s a nifty scholar, and I do appreciate his measured perspective stated here. I didn’t know he was your pastor!

  2. Doug Wilson is certainly very smart. I just wish he’d clearly state where he stands on Federal Vision.

    This is certainly a good point because perhaps Warren’s followers might be nervous that he will get all “doctrinal” and “Bibly”..nope that’s not a word…

  3. I wondered how long before someone mentioned federal vision. Give that man a cigar or something else if he doesn’t smoke.

  4. Is Federal Vision the same as Federal Headship, as mentioned in several of his books?

    Doug Wilson is smart, and this piece is a balanced approach to the controversy (wow, are we using that word more frequently these days).

    I’m not sure that all of is approaches to other topics are as well balanced, though. I’m sure PC could weigh in on his pastoral style and preaching?

  5. The federal vision controversy is not at all related to the concept of federal headship. It is the one area that PW has gotten himself in a bit of hot water with the broader audience of evangelicalism.

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