How To Be Certain Your Faith is Certifiably Genuine (Part 1)

Today’s sermon is now on the web. You can listen to it here.

Here’s how I closed the message beginning with the big idea of the text and finishing with a review of the two main points/applications:

Genuine faith bears the marks of steadfast allegiance to Jesus. Two of the four we have considered today: growth of insight and boldness in witness. Yet to come are perseverance through suffering and admission of need. Don’t forget the two application questions we covered and their implications. If you want to have assurance of your salvation, give yourself to the means of grace that contribute to your growth of insight into the things of Christ. Cultivate your spiritual appetite. Behold the Lord in all the ways He prescribes from reading his word to feasting at the Communion table. If you want to have assurance of your salvation, faithfully and boldly share your faith with others when the Lord opens the door of opportunity. Write out your testimony and memorize it if you need to like they teach you to do at CCC so you can have instant recall. Memorize some gospel verses to share with others. Speak up. Take some heat. Feel the sting. It’s a privilege to suffer for the sake of Christ and the reputation of His name.

Consider these words of again, J. C. Ryle from Holiness as we close:

I bless God that our salvation in no wise depends on our own works. By grace we are saved—not by works of righteousness—through faith, without the deeds of the law. But I never would have any believer for a moment forget that our sense of salvation depends much on the manner of our living. Inconsistency will dim our eyes and bring clouds between us and the sun. The sun is the same behind the clouds, but you will not be able to see its brightness or enjoy its warmth; and your soul will be gloomy and cold. It is in the path of well–doing that the dayspring of assurance will visit you and shine down upon your heart.

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