How to Tell the True Shepherd from the False (Part One)

Today’s message from John 10:1-6, the setup to the Good Shepherd Discourse, is now on the web. You can listen to it here.

Here’s how I summarized the message at the end:

Because Jesus is the true and Good Shepherd, we should believe in Him as Messiah and follow Him as opposed to false and harmful impostors.

You can tell the difference between the true and false shepherd by the true shepherd’s positive intent, legitimate access, and authoritative voice to call out effectively and lead out exclusively.

Have you been called out by Jesus?

If you have, understand that He goes before you as one who leads. Whatever you are facing maritally, parentally, vocationally, economically, whatever, He knows every detail about your situation and means to do you well as your good shepherd.

If you haven’t, you may need to come out of Judaism even like the man born blind. Or maybe materialism, or humanism, or philosophy, or mysticism or a host of other false shepherds that climb up another way and take sheep captive and do them harm. Come John 10:11 He will tell us how He came to calls us out and leads us into what Psalm 23 describes as green pastures and beside quiet waters – The good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep. He dies in their place. He bears their punishment before a holy God so they might be forgiven. Do you hear this message? Jesus the true shepherd is calling. Believe, come out, follow.

May He give us grace to hear His voice as we move into another week of following Him.

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  1. That was just delicious, man. Thank you again for pouring yourself into your study. May we love the Messiah with renewed wonderment. I’ll be looking for ways to express it this week.

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