V-8 & Community Life

With permission I post these reflections of one of our recently installed new members at OGC, Connie Wilder.

Are you ever amazed at the promises of God when they come to fruition? Don’t you just want to do the V-8 smack on the head and shout “Wow, I could have had these blessings all along!”?

Since becoming a member of the OGC community a mere three weeks ago, the flood of blessing inferred in community life has poured over me, filling my heart beyond my belief with the joy of my salvation.

I have shared in the Lord’s Supper with an inner humility and thanksgiving never before experienced.

I have heard the sharing of missionaries that has stirred my heart for the Gospel and the lost.

I have attended prayer meetings with a renewed passion and boldness and privilege to be in the throne room of God.

I have shed joyful tears as mothers and fathers brought their children to the “temple” to dedicate their families to serve and follow God.

I expect to witness the baptism of new believers later this month and anticipate a sense of celebration.

I toyed with this faithful body and pastor shepherd for years. I praise God for the words of life that finally convicted me of this need and lack in my obedience.

Wow, I could have had these community blessings for years.

Thanks, Connie, for sharing with us how God has worked in your life.

May we all learn and grow from your experience by faithfully giving ourselves with renewed zeal to the commitments and benefits of covenant community!

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