Not Just A Halloween Alternative

Tomorrow we observe Reformation Day at OGC.

Reformed churches of many types mark October 31 each year as the anniversary of the Protestant Reformation in church history when Martin Luther nailed his 95 Theses on the Wittenburg door.

In the morning I will preach from Habbakuk 2:4b a message entitled The Verse That Launched the Protestant Reformation.

Then in the evening we will gather back at the SDA facility for a family celebration of Reformation Day for all ages.

We will assemble in the auditorium for an introduction and instructions. Then we will proceed to the fellowship hall for variety of kid-friendly activities in different booths designed to teach our children and families about various aspects of this most important event in church history. For example we will have a carpenter shop for nail hammering races, an alms booth with penny pitching, a Wittenburg door to dramatize the nailing of the 95 theses, just to name a few. Light refreshments will be served.

Then we will process back to the auditorium to conclude with among other things, songs and a special presentation by . . . oh well, just come and see and enjoy!

We owe much to the work of God in the 16th century that brought about the reforms that shape our church to this very day.

Let’s join together tomorrow in remembering and giving thanks!

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