The Men's Bakeoff Dessert to Beat

It’s official.

I’ve entered. The hat’s in the ring. The gauntlet is down.

No more 7 Layer Cookies either. I’m trying a whole new approach. Can’t say what category. Gotta lay low. Be anonymous.

EF, you’re in trouble. MG, get ready to lose your crown. JG, too bad you moved to NC.

PC has the RCP for the PNC that will blow the competition AWAY!

Only problem is . . . there isn’t much competition as of yet.

Come on you last minute Louies – get with the program. Contact the office and take your chances. Go ahead, I dare you.You don’t have a chance.

So much for Gal. 5:26.

5 responses

  1. I’m in PA and have missed worship, Growth Group, Reformation Day Remembrance, and now this?! How can some men from OGC not rise to PC’s challenge?!

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