Second Capital Campaign Effort

This week our office sent out 95 appeals to people who used to attend OGC to consider contributing toward our capital campaign for our new building.

David Sims, one of our original founders and elders, graciously agreed to write this letter on our behalf.

In each letter we included one of our campaign brochures, a commitment card, and a return envelope for the convenience of the recipient.

A lot of folks have passed through OGC’s doors over the years. Many have fond memories of their time here and hold the ministry in high regard.

Will you pray with me that God works through this effort? Our leadership team would feel even more comfortable about moving ahead with the project if this effort would yield at least another $100K toward the project to keep our debt-to-loan ratio as low as possible.

May Eph. 3:20-21 be the standard upon which we pray as we continue to wait upon God for His provision in our faith efforts.

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