How Read You the Signs?

Today’s message from John 11:45-57 is now on the web. You can listen to the audio here.

Here’s how I closed the sermon:

The divided reactions to Jesus’ signs challenge us to examine our own that we might believe in Him. Many believed. Some rejected. Jesus withdrew. Others reflected. Where do you see yourself in these closing paragraphs of John 11? Are you like the many who believed? Have you seen the Son of God in His works and words and come to Him to do His bidding like Lazarus, Martha, and Mary? Or are you more like those who rejected, even conspired against Jesus? Either way He will use you. One way or another He will accomplish His purposes through you. Do you want it only to occur unwittingly? I hope not. Trust in Christ today that He might work in partnership with you as opposed to sovereignly in spite of you. How read you the signs?

O to grace how great a debtor that the signs would point us to Christ and that we might believe in Him as the Messiah, God’s Son.

2 responses

  1. Having read that passage before, I never appreciated the haunting irony of Caiaphas’ link in the story. Matthew Henry’s quote was gold. Thanks for telling the story well, as usual.

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