Wanted: Weekend Warriors

Don’t know any other way to characterize my weekend.

Today at 3 PM – Allmand/Taylor wedding.

Tomorrow at 8:30 AM – prayer on the property.

Tomorrow at 9:30 AM – adult equipping hour teaching – So Many Questions: How to Answer Common Questions about Christianity.

Tomorrow at 10:45 AM – worship service preaching – Faith’s Ultimate Display (Part Two), from John 12:1-11.

Tomorrow at 6 PM – annual congregational meeting – state of the church at OGC.

Have already scheduled a complete meltdown for Monday.

Anyone care to join the fray?

5 responses

  1. I love it…my weekend isn’t as packed as yours, but I appreciate the sentiment. Seems like lately, my Monday-Friday has been like your Saturday and Sunday this week! Praying for rest for you, and that your Monday will allow you to decompress!

  2. I’ll join you PC! I’m trying to hard to avoid what we at Pioneers call The Red Zone. I probably need to say No more. thanks for blessing your flock with your Weekend Warrior-ing.

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