Women's Study Devotion on Discipleship

At a recent meeting of our women’s Bible study, Sara G. shared a devotional on discipleship.

A number of the ladies couldn’t make the meeting for various reason, but requested the notes.

For ease of access we publish the file Paul, Silas and Timothy for any and all parties interested. Enjoy!

4 responses

  1. PC, thanks for publishing this! It’s not just women who benefit from the teaching that goes on at the ladies’ Bible study!

    Question for you, as it relates to the relationship that Paul and Timothy had: if this is a model for discipleship, what do you do if you’re a Timothy without a Paul? Are you always to simply wait for your Paul to come along?

  2. You’re welcome. I would say wait and act on God’s promptings to challenge someone to step up to the need, maybe with a limited time frame on it as led by the Lord.

    • Great question, Jeff, and thanks for the wise answer, PC. This same question came up last night in our “after study” discussion (which went on until about 1:00 am last night). I just love the fellowship and iron sharpening that happens every Tuesday night.

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