Officer Candidate Process Update

This Saturday is a big day. A number of our current elders and deacons will meet with our three candidates for office from 8 AM to 3 PM at the church office. Each of the three, two for elder and one for deacon, have completed their written exams. We will meet with them, one at a time, for 90 minutes each on Saturday to follow up with an oral exam.

The oral exam covers questions related to each candidate’s personal testimony, his fitness for office given the qualifications in First Timothy 3 and Titus 1, and his doctrine and philosophy of ministry particularly with respect to leadership. Following each interview and the dismissal of the candidate, we will debrief for thirty minutes to share our initial impressions from the interview and commit to any follow up communication or action steps we deem necessary.

As soon as we possibly can after this Saturday we will announce to the congregation who we intend to put forth as candidates for office. A date and time will be included for the congregational Q & A of each one. This is a rigorous process overall, for everyone concerned, especially this Saturday for those who will examine all three candidates. We would covet your prayers both for the candidates and us as officers as we continue to steward this most important aspect of our ministry.

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