Tentative Transition Plan for Our Move

Let me stress the word TENTATIVE. Everything in the way of timing hinges ultimately on the city issuing us a certificate of occupancy. No CO, no move.

However, barring any unforeseen complications, we hope to have that all-important document in hand by March 15. Without going into any detail, I want to outline the likely dates and events that, Lord willing, will shape our transition from the SDA facility to our own building.

  • March 18 – last Sunday at SDA followed by open house on the property (BYO picnic lunch)
  • March 25 – first Sunday in the building (soft opening – our own people only – focus on working out the kinks as a family)
  • April 1 AM (Palm Sunday) – second Sunday in the building (soft opening per March 25)
  • April 1 PM (Palm Sunday) – official dedication of the facility (our people and invited guests)
  • April 6 PM (Good Friday) – communion service (our people)
  • April 8 (Resurrection Sunday) – grand opening of the facility (public invited)
  • April 15 PM – praise and worship celebration of thanksgiving for God’s gracious gift with guest artist Kristian Stanfill and his worship band

I would encourage you to mark your calendars accordingly but remember as you do that crucial word TENTATIVE. We will update you as things progress. Hopefully we can get more definitive the closer we get to completion of the project.

Please continue to pray for a strong finish, for favor with the city in every way, and for the Lord’s glory on display as we make this transition into our brand new home!

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