Isn't "Work Party" an Oxymoron?

It most certainly is, but we’re having one anyway tomorrow morning on the OGC property from 8:30 Am to Noon.

Why another work party so soon? Didn’t we just do this last Saturday and a week ago Thursday?

Yes, indeed, we did. And we needed those efforts for sure.

But now we need another one of these shindigs tomorrow because the CO is now no longer a no-show. We got that elusive piece of paper earlier this afternoon. Personally, I think bagging a bull elk in the Idaho wilds takes less effort and happens more easily than getting one of these elusive pieces of paper.

For us to do our soft-soft launch Sunday at 10:45 AM, we still have a bunch of things to do. As I walked through the building with Greg and Chris on Thursday afternoon, we made a list. Here are some of the things we need to take care of that I can remember:

  • Storm debris and trash needs to be picked up around the property.
  • Weeds need to be pulled.
  • Mulch needs to be spread.
  • Plastic covers need to be removed from the entryway lights. This will take a 14 foot or so huge step ladder to get this done. Anybody have one or know somebody that does?
  • Sanctuary seating needs to be set up according to code.
  • Bathrooms needs to be cleaned.
  • Tile floors need to be mopped.
  • Soap and paper towel dispenses need to be installed in the rest rooms.
  • Vacuuming needs to be done.
  • Randy might need some help with wires and tech stuff.
  • Stuff needs to be moved from the SDA storeroom over to our property.
  • ???????????????????????????

Think about this. You may run out of opportunities to contribute to the opening of OGC’s brand new facility. We won’t schedule too many more of these. I don’t plan to miss out on the fun tomorrow because I want to be a part of this very special, once-in-a-life-time season in our church’s life. I’ve never done anything like this before. I am tickled pink to have the privilege. And then there is the eternal reward. It gets better and better the more I think about it.

Why sleep in tomorrow when you could take part in the last work party BEFORE OGC opens its doors for the very first time?

Beats me. I’m planning to work party for all its worth.

3 responses

  1. I did think about it and both my wife and I are very sad we were not able to be there today for such a cool party. We had a pregnancy prep class which took most of our day but we still wish we could have been there pulling weeds and sharing your joy. We’re very grateful the Lord led us to OGC at such an exciting and historic time.

  2. Did you mention the brownie points they will earn with God? In all seriousness, can we get a list of like 30 hour-long tasks that can be done with minimal supervision, so some of us can swing by after work and put in an hour of work that would end up helping out the church?

  3. Matt, you might want to run that one by maestro Greg as he is coordinating the transition. Thanks!

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