Special Guest at OGC

I am pleased to announce that our church will host this month’s gathering of the Spurgeon Fellowship of Florida. The meeting will take place on Thursday morning, January 10, at 10 AM in the fellowship hall. Spurgeon Fellowship is an association of like-minded pastors and churches which meets monthly for prayer, study, and fellowship around the gospel.

We are most fortunate to have as a guest speaker on this occasion, Dr. Sam Waldron. Dr. Waldron is the Academic Dean of the Midwest Center for Theological Studies and professor of Systematic Theology. He is also one of the pastors of Heritage Baptist Church in Owensboro, KY. Dr. Waldron received a B.A. from Cornerstone University, an M.Div from Trinity Ministerial Academy, a Th.M from Grand Rapids Theological Seminary, and a Ph.D from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. A member of the Evangelical Theological Society, Dr. Waldron is a prolific author, including a much beloved-by-me commentary on the 1689 Baptist Confession of Faith. Oh, and how could I forget? Dr. Waldron is one of the professors in the newly formed Nicole Institute of Baptist Studies at RTS Orlando.

He will speak on Phil. 2:1-11 and then take questions and share his answers. If anyone from OGC would like to join us for these two hours, you are most welcome!

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