How to Pray in Light of Abortion

Another Sanctity of Human Life Sunday is upon us tomorrow.

If you wish to meditate in advance on my text for the sermon, please see Genesis 9:1-7. The title of the sermon is Why God’s Blessing Means Making Babies Not Murdering Them.

I don’t know about you, but I struggle to know how to pray redemptively in light of the scourge of abortion beyond the obvious.

Scotty Smith, pastor of Christ Community Church in Franklin, Tennessee, a frequent blogger for the Gospel Coalition, posted a helpful piece entitled A Prayer of Advocacy for Unborn Children. In it he expresses the following concerns and requests:

  1. For the courage and compassion to live as faithful advocates for human life.
  2. For the gospel compassion necessary to care for the women and men whose stories are marked by abortion – either as victims or agents.
  3. For wisdom to know how to love and serve those who have had to give up their children before birth to the heartbreak of miscarriage and stillbirth.
  4. For grace to open our hearts and homes to the millions of orphaned children who have made it safely into the world – that our zeal against abortion be matched by our zeal for adoption.

To read his entire prayer, which I wholeheartedly commend to you, click here.

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