Jaw Journey Update


I gave this report in our church’s e-news this past week:

Thanks a ton for all your prayers as I continue to travel the healing road with the wound/infection in my jaw. I am now essentially under the care of infectious disease doctors for my osteomyelitis. They have put in play every strategy known to help my particular problem. It’s a two-fold approach. First, I have an at-home, every six hour, 24/7 antibiotic infusion—for four to six weeks. The hardest thing about that is the disruption of my sleep patterns. Pastor needs his sleep!

Second, the infamous hyperbaric oxygen dives. The toughest thing there is the time involved and somewhat the discomfort. I arrive at the hospital every morning, Monday through Friday, at 6:30 AM. They load the dive chamber somewhere around 7:30. It takes about fifteen minutes to pressurize the cabin to the equivalent of 45 feet below sea level. My sinuses tend to object strenuously on the way down. Think ice pick thrusts above the eye and you will get the idea. Once at depth, they install a clear plastic hood over my head. I breathe 100% O2 for 30 minutes, 5 minute break, another 30 of breathing, take five once more, a final half-hour of oxygen, and then 10 or 15 minutes or so back to the “surface.” I’m home in Altamonte usually by 10 AM. Fun, huh?

Needless to say, this treatment regimen has cut in significantly to my morning study time. As a result I feel I need to suspend the Genesis series until finished with this stewardship. I’m planning something less strenuous for Advent from the gospels. That will give me some breathing room as I keep on the healing path. My apologies for the disappointment this causes anybody. I just can’t bring myself to cheat study time on arguably the most challenging book of the Bible I have ever preached.

Most of my work hours for now will occur in the afternoon, evenings, and weekends, as energy allows. I appreciate the patience and grace I’ve received as I try to navigate the schedule with wisdom and grace.

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