A dear self-professed atheist friend of mine follows my blog. This both humbles and encourages me. But he did recently complain about the content. “Too much religion. Not enough about you.” Just like my buddy. This post he will like, I think.

Sick Leave

I had to shut down the blog for a couple of weeks recently due to ongoing treatment during my current medical absence. Following jaw surgery six weeks ago my surgeon ordered ten hyperbaric dives to aid in my recovery. They completely wiped me out. Productivity of any kind flew out the window from day one. Fortunately I’ve left those in the rear view mirror. I am actually starting to feel human again.


Before I write anything more about me, let me update on the Queen of the Manor, Miss Nancy. Honestly, we don’t have a great deal to report about her cancer battle. She continues diligent treatment with her latest alternative protocol.

She remains optimistic in every way. She has no pain or symptoms. Still no word on the results of her lymph node pathology. We may wait as many as two more weeks for those. Sigh.

Needless to say we pray a lot through this journey. Thanks to so many of you who join us in petitioning the Father in Jesus’ name for her complete healing.


Now back to the less interesting part of this post. How do you like my new look? Yep, allow me to introduce you up close and personal to “robojaw.” This most recent scan shows my titanium implant.

Note the span. It runs from the socket by my ear all the way past the midline point of my chin. Just above the “chain” shows my remaining live bone in the mandible. Noticeable by their absence? All my teeth in that quadrant. Needless to say the left side does all the chewing work these days. I’m wondering if my dental hygienist will discount me 25% now at teeth cleaning time.

I still have some swelling. My surgeon, whom I saw recently in Miami, refers to these weeks as “the accommodation” phase of my healing. But everything looks good. I can eat anything I find tolerable. Some speech and swallowing therapy lies ahead as soon as we can arrange it, but things overall improve daily.


Thankfully, this week I’ve returned to the office for a good part of each day. Prime time pulpit work will have to wait a bit longer, but writing and administration–no problem. Seems I can manage the occasional appointment as well. Sure beats breathing 100% O2 at a simulated 45 feet below sea level in a claustrophobic chamber.

Our elders huddle up in a couple of weeks. At that meeting I expect we will discuss my progress and what steps might lie ahead for a more complete pastoral reentry. In the meantime, I praise God for His kindness in sustaining me through this marathon journey. Go ahead and say it “L.” “There you go again with that religious talk.”

I just can’t help myself.


11 responses

  1. SO HAPPY to hear you are doing better, healing. Jim and I continue our prayers for you both. Side note….your picture of Nancy, Queen of the Manor..:-), she is absolutely beautiful, isn’t she ???
    Regarding TOO MUCH RELIGION……
    Horse hockey. I’m glad that I know that will not change.
    Lord willing, I’ll see ya Sunday.

  2. It is apparent our Lord has used your present trials to minister in the lives of others whom you may not have had the opportunity otherwise, and to be ministered to as well. Thanks for the update on you and your Queen. Continuing to lift you both before The Throne of Grace.

  3. Thank you, once again Pastor Curt, for your love and support of us. We miss you and Lord willing, we will see both, you and Nancy again. We love you and we think of you often. I booked marked this page, so I won’t lose it again! Many ask for you both–here in Idaho. We praise God for your improvement. Nancy as always is radiant. May our Lord bring restoration to our beloved friends.

  4. Curt,
    Its good to see that you haven’t lost your sense of humor. Your jawbone may not be very intact but your funny bone is still working. We will continue, steadfastly in prayer for you & Nancy. You are both, often mentioned, in our Church Congregational Prayer almost every Sunday morning 10:20- 10:30AM Pacific time, that’s early afternoon for you. Tomorrow will be no exception. Listen at the throne for our pleas for you both. I hear there will be silence in heaven for half an hour. You should be able to hear us praying then. I sure do miss seeing you & Nancy. And I’ll call you on Monday at about 5PM your time. God be with you my Pastor friend.
    Pro 18:24 A man of many companions may come to ruin, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.
    Soli Deo Gloria
    Michael G. in Grangeville, Idaho

    • Michael, you are a treasure to me. I look forward to our talking. I picked up a 5 PM pastoral care meeting tomorrow. Might we try for a different time? Thanks so much for your relentless prayers at our ID church!

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