Zacharias & Chan on Rights, Opinions, & Convictions

While watching an unrelated Francis Chan video, I noticed this intriguing ten-minute piece from a peacemaking conference.

The speakers give their answers to this question posed by someone at the event:

How do we unify the church when the culture views our beliefs as oppressive, and without compromising our convictions?

Both come from different angles but meet in a hysterical middle!

Their insights are helpful for such a challenging issue.


2 responses

  1. Thanks for the encouragement P. C. In conversations with others, I find myself in such a hurry to bring God’s objective word to bear on an issue that I tend to neglect to understand (or show that I wish to understand) the other person’s perspective and learn to empathize with them. In doing so, I fear I make them feel like I do not care about them so why should they hear what I have to say. Lord help me be a better peace maker.

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