Surgery on Monday to Restore Its Use

I keep thinking I’ve run out of downstream consequences of radiation treatment to my neck so many years ago. Not so!

The latest version of guess-what-we-get-to-deal-with-now is the near uselessness of my dominant hand.

I’ve struggled with neuropathy in my right hand fingers ever since chemo in 2005. But lately the numbness and tingling there has increased so much that I’ve lost nearly all tactile sensation. I’m down to my thumb and index finger for typing. On top of that, significant muscle wasting has occurred in the hand such that I have very little strength for every day tasks. I compensate a lot with my left hand, but I sure miss Mr. Right.

A nerve conduction study revealed that the median and ulnar nerves on that side have stopped working. Two different hand surgeons believe the place to begin for any hope of relief–they make no guarantees–involves carpal & cubital tunnel (elbow) surgery to relieve compression to those nerves.

The outpatient surgery will last about 90 minutes. I’ll wear a wrist-to-armpit cast for two weeks and then a brace for another two followed by therapy, leaving me without use of my right hand for about six weeks. Anybody know a good OT I can call? 🙂

I’ve enjoyed a couple years off from general anesthesia. At least doctors aren’t slicing into my neck this time! But here we go again.

I’m finding comfort and encouragement from a verse like 2 Corinthians 4:16:

So we do not lose heart. Though our outer self is wasting away, our inner self is being renewed day by day.

My right hand wastes away for sure, but we hope to improve that with these procedures. But even if we don’t and knowing the rest of my body with age continues to decline over time, I don’t lost heart.

God continues to renew my spirit day by day through the means of grace that are his word, prayer, and people. He is continually with me; he holds my right hand (Psalm 73:23).

Your prayers are coveted and much appreciated on Monday at 9 AM Pacific time.

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  1. Jim and I pray daily for you and Jan. We miss you terribly. We will continue prayer, with focus on your upcoming surgery. Please keep us updated.

  2. Excellent insights from scripture with great perspective. Helpful for us too. Greet our wonderful friend Jan for Bonnie and me. She has a special place in our heart! Howard & Bonnie Lisech

  3. Praying, Curt! The hymn comes to mind- “We need Thee every hour.” So true in life! May the Lord continue to strengthen you with the Word, and bring to remembrance verses you have hidden in your heart. He will certainly carry you through this; heal, and deliver you as we continue to thank Him in advance for your healing. (Jer 17:14, Psalm 103:3,4) are good ones for meditation) He’s given you such a beautiful treasure in Jan to be with you in the good times and bad. Praise His Mighty Name! Love you, brother. Jeannie and Michael

  4. Pastor Curt, you continue to be an inspiration to us with your submission to God and his will and leaning wholly on him. May he continue to bless you even in these times. We love you two.

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