A Serious Call to Consider Our Ways

This morning’s sermon from Haggai 1:1-11 is now on the website. You can listen to the audio here.

By way of recap, I summarized the message this way:

The challenge to build anything for God and glory of His kingdom compels us to a rigorous examination of our everyday commitments and priorities as a people belonging to Him – in light of the demands of our God in His word, the dissatisfaction of our hearts in this world, and the difficulties of our circumstances in these times. Let us give ourselves to zealous reflection and examination regarding the supremacy of God in our lives. Let each of us do what He tells us in terms what commitments we can or cannot make over the next three years to sacrificial giving toward a facility for Orlando Grace Church. And remember, let us rely on the power of the gospel of Jesus as a people liberated from sin and selfishness by the work of the cross and the filling of the Spirit in our lives to seek first the kingdom and His righteousness for His glory, our joy, and the joy of others who will come to know Him as a result.

Day one of our capital campaign is nearly over. Will you join me in responding positively to a serious call to consider our ways?

The Queen Grace

Tomorrow we embark on a five-week journey the likes of which OGC has never experienced before – a capital fund raising campaign for our first ever facility.

I will preach from Haggai 1:1-11, A Serious Call to Consider Our Ways. Why not take some time this evening to meditate upon the passage to prepare for the message?

Whatever happens in this process of believing God for a significant amount of money to help fund our building project, we must not fail to approach these weeks without what Octavius Winslow called “the queen grace.”

Truly is faith the crowning grace of all, and a most costly and precious fruit of the renewed mind. From it springs every other grace of a gracious soul. It has been designated the ‘queen’ grace, because a royal train ever attends it. Faith comes not alone, nor dwells alone, nor works alone. Where faith in Jesus is, there also are love, joy, peace, long-suffering, patience, godly sorrow, and every kindred perfection of the Christian character, all blending in the sweetest harmony, all uniting to celebrate the glory of God’s grace, and to crown Jesus Lord of all.

Among other reasons, faith is the queen grace because of what Heb. 11:6 teaches: without faith it is impossible to please Him.

We simply will fall flat on our faces and fail to please God if we don’t approach this campaign with eyes and hearts of faith.

May the queen grace descend upon us as we navigate these next several weeks, examining our hearts as to the nature of our priorities, seeking to hear from Him as to what He would have us do in the way of sacrificial giving, and believing that He is and is a rewarder of those who seek Him.

Speak, O Lord

We sang this tune by Getty and Townend today in one of our worship sessions at T4G.

I wrote in my notebook these words: BUILDING FUND CAPITAL CAMPAIGN THEME SONG.

Later in the afternoon I emailed Greg and asked him to help me make it happen. My desire is that we would sing this as a congregation each of the five weeks of the campaign.

Check it out. It expresses everything in our hearts as leaders about how and why we hope God will work in the five weeks beginning April 25.