HB633 Abortion Law Appeal

I received this today in my inbox from one of my favorite pro-life ministries. I urge all champions of life in our state to appeal to our governor to sign the bill sent to him by the legislature.

Dear Pro-Life Friends:

This is quick and easy.  WE CANNOT TAKE THIS FOR GRANTED!  “Big Abortion” forces in Florida are having a fit and making lots of intimidating “war on women” calls.  We must remind the Governor of his pro-life campaign promises.

Is this worth 5 minutes your time?  You bet!  This law WILL save lives!

Click on this link to email the Governor:


AND Call his Tallahassee office and leave a firm but polite message: 850-717-9337

Below is possible text for your email.Feel free to adapt to make it your own.

Dear Governor Scott,

I voted for you because you claimed to be pro-life.  Now is the time to prove that you really are willing to stand up for pre-born babies and protect women from exploitation.

Please sign HB633 into law today! This bill gives women the choice to change their mind within a 24 hour cooling off period before terminating their pregnancy.

Women are often rushed or pressured into abortions. Florida requires a 3-day waiting period to buy a handgun.  Isn’t is reasonable to have a 1-day waiting period before a woman makes a life changing decision for herself and her unborn child?  I believe in empowering women with the facts so they can make an educated and healthy decision.

Thank you, in advance, for doing the right thing!

God bless,

Your Name Here



Somebody handed me a postcard last Sunday with this picture on it.

Needless to say, that got my attention.

The flip side contained this information:

It’s time to leave our beautiful churches and stand in the streets and cry out with wisdom.  We CAN change public opinion about abortion in our region! As we pray for our government to uphold life, we have a responsibility in our own region to be a witness.  After all, abortions are not happening in the Supreme Court building, they happen in our neighborhoods!  The church is required to be the conscience of America.  Let’s start in our own backyards. This is a call to action!  On May 7, thousands will gather in silent prayer from 10am-12pm, covering every abortion center in Florida.  We will lay aside our denominational differences and preferences to be the demonstration of justice for those who have no voice.  We will come as a silent force with one message: LIFE.

I checked out the website and found this video:

Turns out the All Women’s Health Center at 431 Maitland Ave, Altamonte Springs, just north of our meeting location, is one of the targeted abortion clinics.

Why not consider participating?