HB633 Abortion Law Appeal

I received this today in my inbox from one of my favorite pro-life ministries. I urge all champions of life in our state to appeal to our governor to sign the bill sent to him by the legislature.

Dear Pro-Life Friends:

This is quick and easy.  WE CANNOT TAKE THIS FOR GRANTED!  “Big Abortion” forces in Florida are having a fit and making lots of intimidating “war on women” calls.  We must remind the Governor of his pro-life campaign promises.

Is this worth 5 minutes your time?  You bet!  This law WILL save lives!

Click on this link to email the Governor:


AND Call his Tallahassee office and leave a firm but polite message: 850-717-9337

Below is possible text for your email.Feel free to adapt to make it your own.

Dear Governor Scott,

I voted for you because you claimed to be pro-life.  Now is the time to prove that you really are willing to stand up for pre-born babies and protect women from exploitation.

Please sign HB633 into law today! This bill gives women the choice to change their mind within a 24 hour cooling off period before terminating their pregnancy.

Women are often rushed or pressured into abortions. Florida requires a 3-day waiting period to buy a handgun.  Isn’t is reasonable to have a 1-day waiting period before a woman makes a life changing decision for herself and her unborn child?  I believe in empowering women with the facts so they can make an educated and healthy decision.

Thank you, in advance, for doing the right thing!

God bless,

Your Name Here


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