More Puritan Power for the Late Bloomer

William Gurnall for July 21:

This is godliness that triumphs–when the Christian can carve contentment out of God’s providence, no matter what dish it sets before him.

What is that secret of contentment whether the dish is one of abundance or need? Paul leaves no doubt in Phil. 4:13. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

Oh for grace today to experience a godliness that triumphs!

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  1. Curt, was just talking with a friend of mine about this subject yesterday. It was ultimately a discussion of the atonement and Christus Victor, and how that prevents the gospel from only being about justification (of course justification is included, but the gospel's rewards are more than that). This really turns God's grace from someting flat into something even more beautiful.
    (And why not turn on name/url for comments? I'd be all about it :), and it might be easier for more people to comment as well…)

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