Tough Talk from Tabletalk

I continue to savor Jesus through the devotional tool called Tabletalk magazine published by Ligonier Ministries and R. C. Sproul. My thanks to SD for his persistent nudges in this beneficial direction.

Today’s Coram Deo (Living before the face of God) exhortation from 1 Tim. 5:2 is this:

Sexual immorality is a sin that causes the church to be slandered, so men and women alike should take care never to get into a situation where the propriety of a relationship can be legitimately questioned. Let us do what we can to promote chastity within the church. We are to be the light of the world, whose love for one another is a beacon of hope to our fallen culture. Mutual respect between all ages and sexes in the church is essential to fulfilling this task.

You may order your own subscription to Tabletalk here.

I highly commend the resource to you for promoting your own sacred romance with Jesus.

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