Bradleys Are at It Again

Brett and Nicole finished up CCC staff trianing. They posted a bunch of pictures and a terrific video summary of their time. It’s short and it’s cool. Check it out here. I don’t know about that thing Brett was eating. Doesn’t look at all healthy to me. What was he thinking?

2 responses

  1. That thing I was eating was a result of a buffet meal plan. My friend Justin and I challenged each other to come up with the best dessert creation. Although it was ABSOLUTELY horrible for me, the combination of soft serve ice cream, rice crispy treat, caramel, and chocolate sprinkles was simply amazing! I'm still paying for it!

    Unfortunately, we won't be back to Orlando this Sunday. The conference is over, but we are staying with some relatives out here for a couple days. We're really looking forward to getting back to our beloved church family!

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