It’s Beginning to Feel Perfunctory

Those are the exact words of my oncologist today. I went in for my six-month check up. No sign of cancer. Thanks be to God. Blood work looks great. Neck and mouth clean as a whistle.

You have to understand that my dear doctor tends to the over cautious side. For him to say that my continuing to come in seems perfunctory, well, that’s a big deal. He still wants to see me in six months, but the end of ENT, radiation oncologist, and medical oncologist appointments seems imminent.

Next month I will observe the four year anniversary of the end of my treatment for head and neck cancer. Expect more posts as August arrives. For now, I’m basking in the word perfunctory. God is pleased to give me length of days. Praise Him for His glorious grace.

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  1. Rejoicing with you . . . praising our matchless Savior. . . God is gracious to all of us to whom you so faithfully and tirelessly minister.

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